We spoke to our Chairman and founder Stanley Tollman to find out more about what the golden age of travel means to him.

As the Chairman of The Travel Corporation (TTC), in my over 60 years of exploring, I have been fortunate to build an incredibly successful travel company, together with my family and a brilliant team of industry professionals. This has been achieved by a lot of hard work, application and dedication.

Over the decades, my passion for discovery and seeking out new experiences has combined with my drive to create superb quality, service and value in every travel business we have built. Our family motto is “always in pursuit of excellence.”

Our philosophy of always delivering the best has driven us to create some of the most luxurious, award-winning hospitality companies, from world-renowned Red Carnation Hotels to Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection.

A few years ago, I decided to apply our tremendous experience in luxury hospitality to create a travel company that provides the very best, personalised luxury experiences – and so, Luxury Gold was born.

Luxury Gold is motivated by my personal love of travel and my collection of cherished moments that I wish to share with you, enabling you to enhance your travel senses and experiences, as you dream and discover the world with us.

Through my Chairman’s Collection of exclusive guest experiences, we’ve called upon our company’s extensive connections to introduce you to exceptional local characters and unique access to amazing places, reflecting my life in travel.

My wife Bea and I always dreamed of travelling during the “golden age of travel” – the ‘20s and ‘30s.. Back then, there was the superb elegance of classic hotels and supper clubs, and some of the finest chefs and restauranteurs were just starting out. People travelled so elegantly – and wore black tie every night – but it took a long time to get anywhere.

Through Luxury Gold, I get to share some of our favourite experiences with you, as you travel across America or India, the Amalfi Coast, Africa, Asia or the South Pacific with us.

Wherever you go, we’ll delight and surprise you with amazing experiences, tastes, sights, sounds and people. You can unplug, relax, enjoy, open up to the charm of different cultures and let us take care of every little detail, perfectly and seamlessly.

Our journey of innovation is never-ending, and in 2019 I am particularly excited to expand on my Chairman’s Collection of exclusive experiences, which launched last year with opportunities to mingle with European nobility on select trips and departures.

You can now look forward to meeting exceptional local characters in the USA and Canada as well, who will similarly make the places you visit even more special. In Whistler, over a glass or two of delicious local red wine, you’ll spend time with Rob Boyd, the Canadian skiing legend and Olympic athlete, on our Majesty of the Rockies and Trans-Canadian Grandeur itineraries.

In Nashville, we look forward to you spending time with the Country Music Hall of Fame musician, Charlie McCoy, who will share his stories of performing with the likes of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, on both our Southern Grace and The Sumptuous Soul of America itineraries.

These are a couple of examples of what Luxury Gold makes possible. Now, at my personal invitation, let’s explore the world together.